Quantity Surveying

Early Stages of Design/Planning Stage
When you have your project designed with plans etc we will be able to calculate by way of accurate measurement how much the project is going to cost and if it fits within your budget. If this exceeds your budget/expectations, we offer practical design and specification alternatives/solutions. This is a crucial stage of your project where important decisions have to be made. A common fault is that people have a ball park cost and then the project starts, and they encounters over runs, which can be both costly and stress full. Early planning and accurate costing is vital for the success of any project.

Tender Stage/Choosing the right Builder/Contractor for the Works
We manage the tender process by preparation of tender documents to include a bill of quantities/schedule of works for pricing, form of tender, letters of invitations to tender, details on site location, specific site constraints, contacting approved builders/contractors and issuing tender documents. Advice on sums to be allowed for Contingency Sum and client selection items, kitchens, sanitary ware, fireplaces, floor and wall finishes etc.

Upon return of tenders, we carry out a detailed analysis of all the tenders received, by reviewing all of the prices, programs, insurances, performance bond, and contractors experience and availability. Do a detailed comparison of lowest tender with the latest client budget and if required offer further options/negotiation to maintain the clients budget. We will then sit down with you the client/architect and advise you on the most suitable builder for your works.

On Site
Put in place the contract between the client and builder. Liaise with the financial institutions where required and produce cash flow projections for the build stage. Keep relations with all involved on good terms by managing the commercial interface between the client and the builder. Manage the contract payments through monthly/bi-monthly valuations/payments, ensuring that only the work done by the builder is paid for.  Control and advise on variations/changes and keep client informed at all times on the overall spend status. Agree and settle the final account with the builder.